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  • 'Krrish is all about my body language', says Hrithik Roshan
    'Krrish is all about my body language', says Hrithik Roshan Frontier
    Frontier on Friday, February 1, 2013
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    A popular local tabloid today featured an image of a stunt man standing astride the top of a building ready to jump, with an article which read that Hrithik was away in his vanity van while this man did the stunt on the set of Krrish 3 on behalf of the star.

    Somewhat perturbed by this, Hrithik replied to the article on twitter saying, "Apologies 4 being away so long, n sorry 4 making this tweet self important, thx 2 a newspaper trying 2 upset me(in vain as usual) n 1 tht hasn't heard of d concept of stand in's 4 movies. Dey help by standing fr d actor b it scenes or action- while crew do lighting, fix d correct lens rehearse d camera move, rehearse d stunt, fix appropriate precautions etc. All of which takes hours before main cast is finally called 2 give d shot. D paper of course saw me give the shot yesterday but chose 2 say it was done by a body double. I do use body doubles I regard them wth great respect n have used thm 4 specific situations in all my films EXCEPT Krrish. Simple cause krrish is all about body language - my body language. There, clarified. Out of my system. God bless u newspaper and lensman, I forgive u. Love 2 u all."

    With various actors taking pains to do their stunts themselves, Hrithik we guess won't be the one to be left out. Krrish 3 which is being produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan also features Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra, and Kangna Ranaut.
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