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  • PM's message on International Criminal Justice Day
    PM's message on International Criminal Justice Day Frontier
    Frontier on Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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    Prime Minister Sheikh today said Bangladesh joins the international community in reiterating its
    unequivocal commitment to the Statute of the International Criminal Court adopted 16 years ago, and renews its pledge to support all international efforts towards establishing a just and peaceful world as envisioned by the Rome statute.

    In a message, on the auspicious occasion of the International Criminal Justice Day that fall tomorrow, she said, "Bangladesh, scarred by the memories of the brutalities committed against our people during our glorious Liberation War in 1971, has always remained supportive of a decisive paradigm on international criminal justice."

    "I recall here the maiden address of our Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, at the UN General Assembly, where he said, "Peace is an imperative for the survival of mankind, it represents the deepest aspirations of men and women throughout the world"", she said.

    Remaining true to his convictions, "I, on behalf of the people of Bangladesh, was the first head of government from South Asia to sign the Rome Statute in 1999 and took the initiative to accede to the Rome Statute in March 2010, making Bangladesh one of the first three South Asian countries to have done so," the Prime Minister said.

    Sheikh Hasina said, "We remain resolutely in the forefront of any global initiative to prevent genocides and other mass atrocity crimes to reaffirm the message of "never again" and help come to terms with the past through justice and memorialization."

    "I remain confident that the international Criminal Justice Day would send a strong message to perpetrators of crimes around the globe that they can run, but they cannot hide. They will be found, and they will be held to account for what they have done," she said.

    The Prime Minister said though it took more than four decades, this truth has once again been vindicated as the people of Bangladesh finally saw justice done for the crimes against humanity and genocide committed in Bangladesh in 1971.

    "In keeping with our pledges to our people, our government established the International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh, the fully independent national courts mandated to try internationally defined crimes, in pursuance of the principle of complementarily enshrined in the Rome Statute. In so doing we had taken recourse to the International Crimes Tribunals Act, 1973, which remains a landmark document as a precursor to the Rome Statute in the context of the evolution of international criminal jurisprudence," she said.

    "I take this opportunity to renew Bangladesh's unwavering commitment to pursue the course of justice and reconciliation. We have embarked upon nationally in strict adherence to the relevant international standards," the Prime Minister said.

    "In the same spirit, I reaffirm Bangladesh's commitment to continue working together with the ICC and the international community in their efforts to ensuring justice and accountability for war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity and crimes of aggression committed anywhere for promoting durable peace and people's empowerment and development across the world," she said.

    Let this International Criminal Justice day be an occasion for the international community to demonstrate its steadfast commitment to ensuring accountability for these horrific crimes through the delivery of international criminal justice worldwide, the Prime Minister said.

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