<img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> news, headline, headlines, technology, latest news, tech news http://daily-frontier.com Apple and IBM: Is this the future of the workplace? - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> Together with IBM, Apple is moving into the workplace. The two companies announced Tuesday an exclusive deal in which IBM will sell Apple products to enterprise clients starting this fall. The two companies have emphasized the mutual benefits of this partnership: IBM....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014101328 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014101328 Wed, 16 Jul 2014 10:33:44 GMT Google Nest launches Thread, takes a flyswatter to ZigBee - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> Nest Labs, the connected thermostat company recently acquired by Google for $3.2bn, is leading the charge of tech companies who wish to launch a new wireless protocol for Internet of Things devices. The Google-owned Internet of Things biz has turned up the heat on a....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014103450 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014103450 Tue, 15 Jul 2014 10:36:02 GMT Last gasp Facebook update from dying phone saves teenager from drowning - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> Facebook has reportedly come to the rescue of a teenager stranded at sea. The 18-year-old male, whose name has not yet been released, was left marooned off the Cornish coast last week after his dinghy capsized. However, despite his phone being almost out of battery,....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014093842 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014093842 Mon, 14 Jul 2014 09:41:53 GMT Apple refutes China state TV concerns on iPhone security risk - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> Apple Inc. assured Chinese customers that location tracking on its iPhone can’t be used to identify activity of individuals, a day after China’s state-owned television broadcaster said the software poses a security risk. The iPhone function can collect data and may result in....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014094211 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014094211 Sun, 13 Jul 2014 09:44:20 GMT Chinese users get access to Google services - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> Users in China were able to access online services for Google Inc. on Thursday, after more than a month of severe disruption that almost completely blocked people from using features such as its search, maps and email functions. The Google disruption began in the run-up to....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014094921 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014094921 Thu, 10 Jul 2014 09:49:47 GMT Siri, we lost first part of voice recog case, didnt we? - Apple - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> Apple has lost the first stage of an IP case in China that involves its voice assistant Siri, after a Beijing court ruled that the patent held by the Chinese firm that launched the suit was valid. The fruity firm was arguing with both Shanghai-based Zhizhen Network....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014094632 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014094632 Wed, 9 Jul 2014 09:49:52 GMT Android Ls heads up notifications feature arrives early through third-party app - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> When Google's Android L operating system arrives later this year, it'll bring a new heads up notification tool that will alert users to incoming calls and messages without unduly disrupting their current activity. Unfortunately, Android L won't be available....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014100602 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014100602 Sun, 6 Jul 2014 10:09:51 GMT Apple iPod touch (2014) - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> Apple's quiet update to the iPod touch stems the tide of media player irrelevance in a world dominated by easily accessible smartphones. The added rear-facing camera and $30 discount are neither new nor game changing—this is mostly a recalibration. The $199 iPod touch is....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014100223 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014100223 Sat, 5 Jul 2014 10:04:23 GMT China approves Lenovos purchase of IBMs x86 server business - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> CHINESE AUTHORITIES have approved the proposed takeover of IBM's x86 server division by Lenovo, six months after the deal was announced. Governments on both sides of the deal have viewed the $3.2bn acquisition with suspicion because of perceived security risks....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014102425 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014102425 Fri, 4 Jul 2014 10:32:23 GMT Japanese IT firms keen to recruit ITEE graduates - <img src='http://daily-frontier.com/templates/classic/styles/images/logo.png' border='0'> Japan's leading IT companies are showing interest to recruit the Bangladeshi graduates who have passed internationally recognized Information Technology Engineers Examination (ITEE). Chief executive officers of two leading IT companies -- Island Thrust and Pretty....]]> http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014105840 http://daily-frontier.com/news.php?name=2014105840 Thu, 3 Jul 2014 10:59:33 GMT